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How to troubleshoot automatic rotation of both wings - Hong Kong ZOJE Intelligent Technology


1、 Fault self-diagnosis display device. Each manufacturer may have different solutions for fault self-diagnosis display. Below is only an example of a manufacturer's fault self-diagnosis display device. There is a fault display light above the rotating door body of the two wing automatic revolving door, which can analyze the fault based on the different changes of the fault lights A, B, C, D, E, and F.

1) When the A light is on, it indicates that the emergency stop buttons on the inner and outer sides of the revolving door have been activated, causing the revolving door to be unable to operate. Turning the button clockwise to unlock can eliminate the problem.

2) When the B light is on, check whether there are foreign objects detected by the infrared anti pinch sensor, and also check the column rubber anti pinch sensor (note: both sides of the above sensors need to be checked).

3) When the F light is on, the infrared anti-collision function is activated, and the revolving door cannot rotate. When this fault occurs, it is necessary to check whether there are foreign objects blocking the infrared sensors on both sides, or whether there are changes in the door body that cause the two infrared sensors to not transmit and receive accurately.

4) When using the function of the sliding door in the middle of the revolving door (including three functions), if the function switch is set to the position where the sliding door can enter and exit, the sliding door can open but cannot be closed. At this time, the fault lights D and F will light up, and it can be checked whether the sliding infrared radiation sensor is accurately transmitting and receiving. When the sliding door is closed, D, F, etc. will go out.

5) When three sets of fault lights jump and flash, it indicates that there is no supply of mains power. The revolving door will automatically find the position of the sliding door, and the sliding door function will be executed at this time

2、 General troubleshooting. Large automatic revolving doors belong to high-precision automatic control equipment and require a certain level of electrical knowledge, especially weak point knowledge, and are maintained by recognized professionals.

1) Turn on the start key switch, the revolving door does not operate, but the starter has an inductive action. Exclusion: a. Check the main circuit board fuse in the computer control box; b. Check if each door leaf is in the correct position; c. Check if the emergency stop switch/stop switch of the revolving door is working; d. Check if the key switch is in the start position; e. Check if each safety sensor is functioning.

2) The motor runs slowly and the door leaf rotates with difficulty. Exclusion: a. Check if someone has pressed the disabled person's slow running switch. If so, the revolving door must automatically return to normal speed after a delay. b. Open the main control box and check if each plug head is intact. c. Check if the PLC computer board program is running. c. If everything is normal, notify the manufacturer. 3) The revolving door positioning parking lot cannot stop. Exclusion: a. Most of the reasons occur when the starting sensor detects the presence of foreign objects in front of the revolving door leaf (or other suspicious parts) when it is about to stop, resulting in false test results. Stop the turnstile, adjust the activation sensor, and adjust its detection distance and sensitivity if necessary. b. Failure to notify the manufacturer.

4) Slow without disabilities. Exclusion: a. Check the connection between the disabled slow switch and its main control box. b. Check for disability

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