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​Five Misunderstandings in the Use of Automatic Rotating Doors


Five Misunderstandings in the Use of Automatic Rotating Doors--Hong Kong ZOJE

1. Automatic revolving doors do not keep warm. Automatic revolving doors are generally relatively large, and many people may think that revolving doors have a large contact area with the outdoor environment, which may cause insulation issues. In fact, revolving doors are the most insulated among all doors. Based on the principle of normal opening and closing, they always isolate outdoor air, so they can effectively maintain room temperature.

2. Automatic revolving doors can pinch elderly and children. Currently, there are always reports of revolving door pinch incidents, leading many people to believe that revolving doors are unsafe. It is undeniable that some low-quality revolving specialized manufacturers cut corners in the production of doors to save costs, but most manufacturers still prioritize safety. The user of the automatic revolving door only needs to regularly maintain and care for the elderly and children when passing through the revolving door. The revolving door is an absolutely safe passage for entry and exit.

3. The automatic revolving door cannot pass through people with inconvenient passage. There are two slow buttons on the automatic revolving door. As long as these two buttons are pressed, its running speed is reduced to a quarter of the original speed, which can smoothly allow people with inconvenient movements to pass through.

4. Automatic revolving doors are not anti-theft. Firstly, every door has a lock, and automatic revolving doors are no exception. However, they use a relatively concealed floor lock. As long as the floor lock is locked, the revolving door cannot be pushed. In addition, the revolving doors use tempered glass with a thickness of 6mm to 12mm, which is not easily broken even when knocked with bricks. Therefore, the revolving doors also have good anti-theft functions.

5. There is no need for maintenance for life, as long as there is a problem, it can be repaired. All manufacturers have a one-year warranty. During this period, the manufacturer will regularly maintain and maintain the revolving door, and even if there is a problem, it will be repaired. Once the warranty period is expired, many users generally do not go for maintenance again. They only ask someone to repair it when there is a problem. In fact, this is not correct, as the automatic rotation is like a car, Regular inspection and maintenance are required. Firstly, it can extend the service life of the automatic revolving door, secondly, it can always maintain a good operating state, and thirdly, small problems can be promptly eliminated to eliminate safety hazards.

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