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What are the components of the three wing revolving door structure? Hong Kong ZOJE


The three wing revolving door consists of three major components, namely a fixed frame, a central axis component, and a rotating component. The following will provide a detailed introduction to each component.

(1) Fixed frame.

The fixed frame consists of upper support components and columns, upper and lower docks, and fixed hanging plates. The upper support component is composed of a hat head, multiple beam frames, multiple support plates, and brackets connected with screws and nuts. The foundation for fixing the frame when the columns and the upper and lower docks are used. Curved glass is also installed between the upper and lower docks and columns. The ceiling panel is installed on a fixed frame.

(2) Rotating components.

The rotating component consists of a door closer, an exhibition box, a rotating ceiling, and a door component. The rotating component is used for opening and closing doors.

(3) Center shaft assembly.

The central axis component is the driving system of the automatic revolving door, which is the driving mechanism for starting and closing the automatic door under the control of the electronic control system. It consists of a reduction motor and a driving mechanism.