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How to Choose the Suitable Turnstile Gate?


Turnstile gates are commonly used in our daily life. They are also called pedestrian passage gates. Of course, this refers to the gate equipment used for pedestrian passage, not the vehicle gates used in parking lots.
It plays a vital role in the safety regulations of some important public places. For example, office buildings, schools, factories, customs, scenic spots, exhibition halls, supermarkets, government agencies and other occasions where turnstile gates might be used. So how to choose a suitable turnstile for your project site maybe is a headache. Don't worry, here we will show you what turnstile gates are more commonly used. They are mainly divided into five types: tripod turnstile, swing turnstile gate/speed Gate, flap barrier/wing turnstile gate, full height turnstile, sliding turnstile gate.

1. Tripod Turnstile

It consists of three rods with a standard length of 550cm. The width of the rod can only accommodate one person. It is suitable for one-way or two-way control of people flow.The flow speed is slow. Tripod Turnstile gates are commonly installed where flow of people are not high and control is required.It is widely used in the time attendance system of factories, the consumption system of public institutions, the safety guard of residential areas, the ticket checking system of venues, and the access control of construction sites. According to the practical needs of the specific occasion, the tripod turnstile gate can be configured with different identification systems (RFID card, bar code, palm shape, fingerprint,face recognition, iris, etc.). The tripod turnstile gate adopts the vertical drop-bar method. When the brake rod is dropped, the obstacle-free pedestrian passage can be formed, which facilitates the evacuation of personnel in an emergency situation and guarantees the traffic safety.

2.Flap Turnstile Gate

The general channel width is 600mm(can be customized as 900mm for disabled), which is suitable for one-way or two-way control of people flow, and has the characteristics of fast traffic speed. It is mainly used for pedestrian channel management. It features quick opening, top security and  most convenience, making it an ideal management device for pedestrians with high frequency access. It is widely used in airports, subway stations, bus stations, terminals, scenic spots, parks, organizations, etc. It can work with the smart card to make an offline ticket sales management system and allowing the unattended management of pedestrian entering and leaving.

3.Swing Turnstile/Speed Gate

The swing turnstile gate is a gate device with strong plasticity in all different types of turnstile gates. The swing door material and channel width can be customized. It is suitable for one-way or two-way control of people flow and traffic flow (electric motorcycle, bicycle). The most common application is office building. It is friendly to pedestrians with luggage or disabled people since the swing gate can achieve wider channel than the wing gate. Most of the swing gates can be used to pass through some non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles, mopeds and handicapped vehicles as well as pedestrians.

4. Full Height Turnstile

Full height turnstile gates are generally used in high security applications to achieve unattended functions, including: banks, prisons, stadiums, exhibition halls, stations, residential areas, etc.

5.Sliding Turnstile

The sliding turnstile gate is also known as the sliding door or full height wing gate. It is a special mechanical device for the control of personnel access. It can also be used together with RFID card, bar code, palm shape, fingerprint,face recognition, iris, etc. With its wide application, stylish design, more stable operation, lower noise, faster running speed and anti-jumping function, sliding turnstile gates are very popular with high-end places such as corporate headquarters despite the relatively  high price. It can truly achieve one access per one person with one authorization thanks to its precise logic sensors.

Given the specifications of each type of turnstile gate, here are some useful tips for your reference.

If only to control the flow of people, the requirements are not high, you can choose tripod turnstile gates, wing gates; to control the flow of people and control the traffic flow, you must choose the swing gate; just control the flow of people, require fast traffic, you can choose the wing gate; Customized according to the actual application.

Advice on the installation of turnstile gates:

1. Project sites that need to be authorized to enter, such as factories, dining halls, golf courses, clubs, schools, hospitals, residential areas, etc., according to the characteristics of the actual people flow, select the corresponding tripod turnstile gates and swing gates to achieve intelligent access control and attendance.

2. Public places that need to check tickets, such as customs, subways, scenic spots, venues, theaters, station terminals, etc., you can choose wing turnstile gates, swing turnstile gates, combined with the ticket checking system to achieve pedestrians orderly pass.

3. For places with strict security measures, such as financial units, electronic engineering anti-static control areas, etc., you can choose wing turnstile gates, tripod turnstile gates to achieve intelligent access control, attendance; can also be combined with face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc. Improve security measures.

After reading these introductions to the access control gates, are you familiar with the access control gates? I believe it will be helpful for the engineering and integrators to purchase the gates.