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Face Recognition Turnstile Gates Widely Used in Different Applications around the Globe


With the maturity of modern face recognition technology, the face recognition algorithm is widely used in the gate industry as it guarantees an excellent recognition accuracy and efficiency. Face recognition algorithm ensures short-range face detection and capture, this way, it can be widely and stably applied to any access control system.

Six typical applications where face recognition are widely used:
1.Speed gate turnstiles integrated with face recognition module make things easier for the entry and exit control of government buildings. It is definitely a smart solution for the government security, providing government employees with an much more efficient access to the working area.

2.The turnstile gates are often installed at the entrance of the corporation. The face recognition access control is linked to the turnstile gate to manage the access authorization of the staff members. Through the combination of face recognition access control and general management system, employee identification, VIP welcome service and visitor registration can all be realized. Employee attendance, stranger reminder, daily data statistics, inquiries and other functions are all available.

3.Plants with a large number of workers usually have a high turnover of staff. Face recognition turnstile gates will contribute a lot to the access control and security for the manufacturer.

4.Face recognition turnstile gates are used in densely populated occasions such as kindergartens, university libraries, college dormitories, etc. The safety of children in kindergartens has always been the focus of attention of all parties. Face recognition gates can effectively control the random access of outsiders. At the same time, as a management basis for the identity of the parents when they pick up the children, the face recognition turnstile gates will prevent the strangers from taking the children and provide a strong guarantee for the safety of the park.

5.Swimming pools, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, etc. are highly concentrated places. It is an arduous task to effectively manage this highly concentrated area of people, but face recognition turnstile gates can effectively distinguish blacklisted people. At the same time, in conjunction with the ticketing system, effective ticket inspection will be conducted for members entering and leaving the venue to improve efficiency, saving time for entry and exit, all of which will promote an intelligent area.

6. Transportation and public service: The flow rate and intensity of airports, customs, railway stations, bus stations, etc. are very large. The face recognition gates can be used to improve the traffic efficiency and quickly identify the blacklisted personnel.