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LPR System

LPR System (License Plate Recognition System) , technology can detect and identify a vehicle's unique license plate numbe and apply in parking management system, parking guidance system and on-street parking management. LPR System is one of the important components of modern intelligent transportation systems, and it is widely used.It has practical significance for maintaining traffic safety and urban security, preventing traffic jams, and realizing traffic automation management.

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Product Description

ZOJE License Plate Recognition System including Entry&Exit Parking Management,Parking Guidance System,On-Street Parking Management and RF - EV Charging Management Solution.

ZOJE License Plate Recognition System can extract and recognize the license plate in motion from the complex background. Through license plate extraction, image preprocessing, feature extraction, license plate character recognition and other technologies, it can recognize the vehicle license plate number, color and other information. The 24-hour all-weather correct recognition rate of all cards is more than 95% (The International Traffic Technology has made a special discussion on the recognition rate index)

Widely used in all kinds of parking lots, highways. At the same time, the technology can also be used in Electronic Police Systems, Road Monitoring Systems, etc., to assist traffic supervision departments in some countries to deal with vehicle violations, reducing work intensity can greatly improve the processing speed and efficiency

ZOJE License Plate Recognition System can be customized according the project needs. If you are trying to find the best solution and more information, please feel free to contact us as we have years of experience in customization.

LPR System Feature And Application

ZOJE License Plate Recognition
Automatically recognize the license plate information, and automatically save the record into the software. It not only saves the time consumed by manual identification and recording, but also facilitates the statistics and management of vehicles entering and exiting
Improve the traffic speed of vehicles entering and exiting the corresponding parking lot, which greatly facilitates the travel of driver.
Enhance parking management level and enhance the image of the owner.
Improve parking environment and increase customer satisfaction:
Reduce enterprise management cost

LPR System Details

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