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History of the Company

Based in Shenzhen, the innovation center of China, Hong Kong ZOJE Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2012, specializing in Turnstile gates ever since the very beginning.

Thanks to the teamwork of its electronics and mechanical engineers, ZOJE always comes up with turnstile gates of creative and industry-leading design in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standard for all customers, raising its profile around the globe.  ZOJE may not be a renowned brand but definitely is one of the top manufactures providing customized services in this industry.

With its customer-first orientation, ZOJE has a strong and professional after-sales team offering 24-7 support for worldwide clients of each individual project in different application sites. We are always ready and more than pleased to help you with installation guidance as well as long-term maintaining of all your turnstile gates.

ZOJE has successfully applied to a number of technical and design patents domestically and is booming in the overseas market in the past few years. ZOJE has made a very positive contribution to the public security of those countries where its turnstile gates are applied and will spare no effort to make the world a better place. Welcome to OEM or ODM.

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