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ZOJE Intelligent Technology: Rotating Door Technology, Empowering the Industry


With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, people are also paying more and more attention to the selection of doors and windows. As an emerging door and window product with high flexibility, convenient use, and diverse styles, the emergence of revolving doors has attracted the attention of many consumers. So, what exactly is a revolving door?

Conceptually speaking, Rotating Door is a new type of door and window product. Compared with traditional swing doors, its characteristic is to rotate based on a fixed core axis at one end. Due to its beauty and practicality, revolving doors are highly favored by consumers in commercial buildings, making them widely used.

In terms of performance, the revolving door can not only demonstrate the role of safety protection, but also be energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with a higher degree of intelligence. Firstly, the lock and accessories of the revolving door are tight and can withstand external damage, which can enhance safety protection; Secondly, the revolving door has automatic induction control and utilizes high-precision sensors to process door and window data based on balance technology, reducing power consumption and saving energy consumption; Finally, the revolving door is equipped with an intelligent control chip that supports mobile app control, making it more convenient to use.

ZOJE Rotating Doors, as an industry leader, with new and diverse products and comprehensive services, rotating doors appear more unique in the industry. Adopting new technologies and materials such as:

Control box:

The main controller, frequency converter, and high-precision DC power supply of the rotary door are imported products such as Siemens from Germany, rotary door reducers, and electromagnetic brakes. Using imported products: German Lenz, the control box processes signals from various sensors and detectors, while controlling speed and lighting.

The revolving door operator should not only control various working states, but also have emergency stop and disabled buttons; It needs to be equipped with a Panasonic LCD display screen from Japan, which displays no less than 10 functions. The fault information display screen should be equipped with fault codes for easy maintenance, and the operation should be convenient and simple.

In terms of appearance and design:

Rotating doors should strive to reflect a simple, exquisite, and transparent effect, and conform to the overall architectural style.

Security system:

1. A highly sensitive system ensures that the door can open instantly and continuously adjust the speed. Install anti pinch, anti-collision, and anti-collision non-contact sensors and safety switches at the entrance and rotating parts, with no less than 30 safety sensors per door.

2. Set up LCD fault display and safety alarm function, namely fire control linkage function.

3. Night lock: Automatic electronic lock.

In summary, the performance advantages of revolving doors in terms of commercial application value, as well as their characteristics of safety, energy conservation, intelligence, and efficiency, demonstrate their value, The ZOJE revolving door is a rare and perfect choice.

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