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The difference between swing gates and sliding doors


Its name is related to the way it is opened. Sliding doors are pulled back and forth, while swing gates are pushed in or out. Therefore, the hardware accessories are also different. Sliding doors will use pulleys, handles, slotted locks, etc. The swing gate is relatively simple, just add hinges and locks.

Differences in application between swing gates and sliding doors

Flat doors are generally used in bathrooms and bedrooms, while sliding doors are generally used in kitchens and balconies. This is also related to their characteristics, because in large space environments, in order to save more space, sliding doors will be used. Bedrooms and bathrooms that require greater privacy use swing gates.

The price difference between flat doors and sliding doors

Compared with sliding doors, the process of swing gate is much simpler, the installation is also simple, and the hardware accessories and auxiliary materials are much less. Therefore, the price of swing doors is much lower than that of sliding doors. Therefore, when consumers choose flat doors or sliding doors, they should look at the corresponding home environment, so that they can save a fortune. In addition, whether it is a flat door or a sliding door, the key depends on the quality and brand. For example, Suifu doors and windows, Midea doors and windows, Kangying doors and windows, Sanmilan doors and windows, Alpine doors and windows, etc. are good.

Their opening methods are different. The sliding door uses a pulley device to push and pull left and right, and it can be pulled back and forth, but the swing door is pushed in or pulled out.

Their installation locations are also different. Generally speaking, if the indoor space is relatively small, you can choose sliding doors, which are more common in bedrooms or kitchens, and most sliding doors are made of wooden materials and glass. Swing gates have a large range of movement and need to be installed in a relatively wide area.

Their structures are also different. Sliding doors push the door leaves left and right and use slides. Generally speaking, some have two doors, some have multiple doors, and the flat doors have a structure of hinges and door leaves.