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What is the size and width of the pedestrian passage gate? What are they all?


Pedestrian passage gate refers to a gate system that controls the passage of people through equipment switches or other control devices. It is widely used in public places such as shopping malls, airports, train stations, etc. Generally speaking, the size and width of pedestrian passage gates are relatively standard. This article will introduce the dimensions and widths of pedestrian passage gates, so that users can better grasp their standard dimensions when purchasing and installing them.

What is the standard size?

According to the commonly used standard dimensions in the market, the width of the pedestrian passage gate is approximately 60-90 centimeters. This width will not be too large, so it will be easier for travelers to pass through at once. Of course, the figure of the traveler also needs to meet the size requirements of the pedestrian passage gate.

What size types are there?

In actual use, the size of the pedestrian passage gate may vary depending on different occasions. For example, VIP passage gates in hotels, guesthouses, shopping malls, and other areas are generally slightly wider in size than ordinary passage gates; In places with high peak flow such as subway stations, the size of the passage gate will be set relatively wide; However, in some other occasions, the size of pedestrian passage gates is relatively small, making them suitable for use in situations with low pedestrian flow.

Factors affecting size

The influencing factors of size mainly include the following aspects: firstly, the size of the site space, and the size of the gate must be reasonably set according to the actual site size; Secondly, it is the designer's intention to design gates of different sizes according to different occasions; Once again, it is the needs of the user, who is also a key factor in considering the size of the pedestrian passage gate.

The size and width of the pedestrian passage gate generally adopt the standard size commonly used in the market. However, there are differences in the required gate sizes for different occasions. When selecting a pedestrian passage gate, it is necessary to consider the actual situation such as height and traffic flow to ensure the correct size and model of the gate is selected, and ultimately improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the pedestrian passage gate.